Wallet used in the platform

Each Wanderverse account would have its own internal wallet (WANDER wallet), which will be storing all the $WANDER tokens that the user received by completing the milestones that are given in Wanderverse's Date2Earn or Walk2Earn programs. The $WANDER token in this wallet can be used within the Wanderverse mobile application ecosystem.
Wanderverse will also accommodate external wallet, through the integration of crypto web3 wallet into the mobile application. Instead of asking users to create a new crypto wallet only available to Wanderverse mobile application, Wanderverse platform would ask the users to connect their crypto wallet into the application with the assistance from a protocol known as WalletConnect
, which accommodates popular existing crypto wallets such as Metamask
and Crypto.com’s Defi Wallet
. Taking OpenSea.io’s mobile application (Wei, 2022) as a reference, Wanderverse's users would simply import their existing Metamask or Defi Wallet account into the Wanderverse application before being able to use the Web3 features integrated in the mobile application.