Purpose and Motives

Making Out-of-home advertising convenient for all

We provide a decentralised platform supervised by an intermediary company which allows advertising profits to be earned directly by the Wanderverse users. As Wanderverse is a mobile application, it is readily accessible to any and everyone to use the application.

A new mobile advertising experience with high earning potential

With the convenience the Wanderverse mobile application brings about, it opens up a new methodology for merchants who wish to advertise on our platform to gain higher traction and market exposure.

Forging new authentic relationships while being rewarded

Wanderverse is the first application that empowers individuals to be part of an authentic community to gain potential lifelong connections while earning the cryptocurrency token, $WANDER. Find out more in the "How Wanderverse works?" tab!

Health is Wealth

Keep fit and healthy with Wanderverse by simply clocking in your steps in our walk campaigns and be rewarded with our cryptocurrency token, $WANDER and many other rewards. Isn't it as easy as ABC? Find out more in the "How Wanderverse works?" tab!