Utility Overview

Tokens earned can be converted into fiat currency or goods and services

Wanderverse aims to bring about benefits to the community by allowing users to earn additional income with no or minimal expenses other than their energy and phone. By hitting various milestones and achievements within the various campaigns in Wanderverse, users will be rewarded in the form of $WANDER tokens. $WANDER tokens can be used as a commodity to exchange for NFTs or goods and services provided in Wanderverse's marketplaces. If users decide not to transact their $WANDER tokens with the products offered in the marketplaces, they can also choose to cash it out into Singaporean Dollars (SGD). The amount of SGD cashed out would be based on the real-time conversion rate of SGD/$WANDER at the point of conversion. Users can also choose to withdraw their $WANDER tokens from the mobile application into their crypto web3 wallet (Value to be greater than cashing out tokens into SGD).

A new channel for artists and vendors to earn income

Our upcoming marketplaces aim to support artists and merchants to promote and sell their goods to other Wanderverse users. Additionally, just like any other existing NFT marketplaces, NFT creators will not just earn from the selling of their NFTs’ first listing, but would also receive continuous payments in the form of royalties from any further transactions of their NFTs. This platform will also help merchants gain a wider market reach and generate more sales. Wanderverse can also function as an all-in-one solution for merchants to have a fun engagement with customers and inculcate customer loyalty on our platform.

A new approach to contributing to society

With Wanderverse, users can now have a greater sense of achievement and fulfilment when giving back to society anywhere, anytime. One will be able to take part in a walking campaign held by the charities and clock steps for them. These steps will then be converted into $WANDER tokens and depending on the ratio of steps to reward dictated by the charities, they can be converted into fiat currency or goodwill items. As we will not be holding on to any sum of money or items, it would be directly transacted to the charities (by their sponsors). Should the users wish to donate to the charity directly, they can do so by scanning the charity's PAYNOW QR code. With Wanderverse, charities will be able to gain a higher exposure while raising charitable donations.

Maximize your interest earnings from staking rewards

Wanderverse will be introducing its very own staking programs. Users will be able to enhance their level of experience in using the Wanderverse mobile application by locking in $WANDER tokens into the staking program and earning more rewards from there. Keep your eyes peeled for more information at a later date!