Potential Threats & Challenges

Payment fraud

The existence of scammers could not be eliminated entirely, despite the additional steps that Wanderverse has taken to prevent manipulation. Scammers could not just only do harm towards end-user’s privacy and financial, but they could damage Wanderverse's reputation. In order to prevent any of these from happening, we have developed a series of check system to minimise the chances for scammers from doing any harm within Wanderverse's platform.

Inconsistent Gas fee

Gas fee price varies depending on the supply and demand of computational power of the given blockchain’s network (Frankfield, 2022). As Wanderverse does not have the ability to control the price for gas fee, some users must pay a higher amount of gas fee in comparison to other users. However, the selection of Polygon blockchain as the foundation for Wanderverse platform allows users to pay an affordable price of gas fee (on some occasions) or service fee regardless of if the price being at its peak.