Meet the team

Teo Yuhang (Chief Executive Officer)

Yuhang is the CEO of Adactive Asia and founder of Wanderverse. He has 8 years' experience in, out-of-home advertising and consultancy projects where he is leading both sales development and technical teams at Adactive Asia. He has maintained several key contacts within the OOH sector. His experience in OOH and digital signage has led him to the creation of Wanderverse, which he has identified as a great opportunity.

Chua Hui Hui (Chief Marketing Officer)

Hui Hui has 7 years of experience in project consultancy and product sales. She has great project knowledge in many different industries such as retail, hospitality, manufacturing and the logistics sector. At her previous employment, her role includes sales and marketing management, business development and customer service management. With Adactive, she has played an instrumental role in design and marketing strategy.

Firdaus Lathiff (Chief Technology Officer)

Goal-oriented individual with four years of experience in project management and information technology. Highly familiar with content management systems and management information systems. Key strengths are being analytical, detailed and organised. Good communication skills with a high degree of personal integrity. Proactive selfstarter who is client oriented and able to work in fast paced environments.

Robin Loh (Project Manager)

Bachelors in Business Management (Supply Chain), he has managed multiple projects related to digital advertising solutions and media.

Steven Prawidjaja (Project Manager/Blockchain Developer)

A blockchain enthusiast, in possession of both Information Technology and Commerce degrees, Steven seeks to engross his thoughts on the capabilities and future impacts that blockchain technology can bring to various industries. With knowledgeable technical expertise in Solidity, Java, JavaScript and Python language, Steven is responsible for the full life cycles of blockchain development, the integration of business objectives, and crafting smart contracts.

Aditya Hadiwijaya (Lead Developer)

My name is Aditya Hadiwijaya and I am a lead developer for Adactive Asia with more than ten years of experience on programming. I am an accomplished programmer, and I enjoy using my skills to contribute to the exciting technological advances that happen every day at Adactive Asia. I graduated from the University in Jakarta in 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics Engineering.

Fathur Rahman (Business Analyst [Software])

Proficiency at responding to shifting business needs and priorities in systematic way. Well-versed in operational assessment implementations and conducting functional requirements analysis for businesses of all sizes.

Dimas Abdurrahman Sayuti (UI/UX Designer)

I am UI/UX designer with technical background and 3+ years of experience, I’ve worked a lot in bridging the communication between designers - developers especially in terms of enhancing user experience and creative problem solving approach to create products or experiences people love to use.

Valentina Samaya (Back-end Developer)

Fast learner on developing new technologies. Experienced in building web and mobile applications, especially server-side applications (Backend Developer). Expert in Javascript, React, and Flutter. Prioritize best practices to develop applications.

Yulianto Saparudin (Front-end Developer)

Front-end developer work with Javascript ES6 especially ReactJS, has become ReactJS Developer, React Native and Node JS developer for almost 5 years, capable of integrating API using REST and GraphQL.

Firman Prayoga (Mobile Developer)

Coding Enthusiast with more than 3 years of experience. Have built a lot of applications both mobile and web. Expert on Laravel for web development, and Flutter for mobile development.

Salsabila Nafa Nikita (Digital Marketing Executive)

After 4 years of studying communication majoring in Media Production Management, I have the needed skill and experiences that enhance my digital skill to help our company to its full potential. I also have several backgrounds in creative and digital marketing fields. I utilize my previous experiences as a Graphic Designer, Content Creator, and Digital Marketer to accelerate the growth of our business.