How rewards are calculated in Wanderverse?

The payment system within Date2Earn and Friend2Earn features

A list of different milestones are set within Wanderverse's Date2Earn and/or Friend2Earn features, and only through the completion of these milestones would Wanderers be able to receive $WANDER tokens.
Each milestone has its own respective reward set into it, and some milestones can be achieved more than once.
The complete list of the milestones will be posted here once it's finalized, so stay tuned!

The payment system within Walk2Earn features

For the Wanderers, they will be paid either by distance walk they walk or by their time. Depending how hardworking the model can be, it will determine the amount he/she will earn. If Wander A walks 10 km versus Wander B’s 5 km, a different fee will be paid out.
Wanderers can be paid by peak hours too. For example at the CBD where it is busy and crowded during lunch time. These Wanderers can walk around the CBD area to advertise hence earning more than the usual rate.
Wanderers can also earn bonuses by forming groups. This is especially attractive as the potential of earning more money is higher as the larger the Wander group is the more extra percentage they will earn. Say 1 versus 10. For every 1 member in the group they can earn 2% extra earnings. With this incentive, it will encourage more people to form a group which also makes it more interesting/attractive to advertisers since a large group of people equals larger viewing audiences.
Wanderers can also earn extra cash bonuses. For example, if they take part in multiple event/campaigns they will get to have a permanent bonus to every campaign/event they take part in. A newly registered payout rate is SGD $2 per 1 KM or $1 dollars per 1 hour. A seasoned Wander can be paid a permanent rate of 1.2x SGD $2 per 1KM which equals to SGD $2.4 per KM or SGD $1.2 per 1-hour rate. This will ensure existing Wanderers participate in more of these event/campaigns.
Wanderverse will create a digital wallet for Wander to accumulate money and they will be able to transfer that money only from SGD $20 earning by PayNow. A partnership with GrabPay is planned for phase 2.
If a Wander can walk a distance of 5km per day. Each KM walked will earn them SGD $2 dollars. A total of SGD $10 dollars for 5km. For 5km a day in a month will earn them a potential of SGD $300 in total. This will be SGD $300 net excluding their phone data plan. Local studies have shown that an average Singaporean can walk at speeds of 6KM per hour. Hence for an hour of walking will net them SGD $12 per day and SGD $360 a month.