WANDER World (NFT Marketplace)

In Development
This feature is currently under development and is not yet available in Wanderverse's mobile application. Information displayed here act as a sneak peek and a brief introduction of what's coming into Wanderverse mobile application. Content within this section is not final and is subject to change.
The introduction of an NFT marketplace into Wanderverse's mobile application would incentivize users to trade or spend their $WANDER tokens for digital arts curated by both verified artists, as well as other art enthusiastic, Wanderverse users. The rise in the popularity of NFTs shows no indication of stopping, with more and more big influencers and renown celebrities jumping on board on the digital art trend. The market for NFT is expected to growth at a compound rate of 39.6% and projected to have a revenue increase of 110% in 2030, as compared to 2020 (Emergen Research, 2022).
The intended procedure in the creation of the NFT marketplace accommodates the current available resources (as this time of writing) and will be referring to current existing platforms that offer the same NFT marketplace service as how Wanderverse intends to do. The incorporation of the marketplace is to sit at Wanderverse's mobile application, so accessing the marketplace is simply one click away. The marketplace in Wanderverse will show all the NFTs that are present in the marketplace and users are able to see the details of the NFT information through the mobile app. However, the basic services of a marketplace (e.g. buying/selling) could not be conduct directly in the mobile application, which is due to the limitation to be discussed below.

Challenges and Limitations

The current given limitation of the interaction between Metamask or any external wallet mobile application with any mobile application has hinder the possibility of completing smooth and direct transactions of smart contract that are to be done fully on Wanderverse's mobile application (Without the need of a marketplace website). Consequently, transactions of smart contract (processes such as minting NFTs, buying NFTs and selling NFTs would require some transactions to be signed and paid by the user) are to be conducted via a website that could be called upon by the mobile application’s in-app browser, as how it would operate in a computer browser. This statement is supported by not just the design that big NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible has used to construct its mobile application, but as well as how Metamask’s mobile application offers the ability to use various decentralized applications (dApps) by utilizing on the dApp’s website.
Opensea’s and Rarible’s mobile applications are able to display all NFTs that exist in their marketplace, as well as each of the NFT’s respective information. In OpenSea’s case, to make a purchase/place a bid of an NFT, the buyer would have to click upon a “View in oepnsea.io”. Upon clicking, the mobile application will open up an in-app browser and will redirected the user into the NFT’s dedicated page in OpenSea’s website. From there, the buyer can see the “Buy now” or “Make offer” options and make the purchase just like he/she would do in a computer browser.
Metamask mobile application on the other hand offers not just services that are of related to a crypto wallet, but it also acts as a browser (with the Metamask as its extension) and allow users to utilize on multiple dApps by visting the dApps’ website through the browser offered by Metamask’s mobile application.
As of current time writing this documentation, there has been yet fully reliable resources that could demonstrate or guide the process of signing the smart contract’s transactions from the user’s wallet directly from a mobile application. Current available resources allow one to only sign smart contract transactions through the dApp’s website. We hope to see more guides or resources touching upon this matter in the future and hopefully be able to eliminate the limitation discussed.
That being said, it is to be concluded that the development of Wanderverse's NFT marketplace in Wanderverse's mobile application would need to be constructed at the same time as the development for a website dedicated to Wanderverse's NFT marketplace. Marketplace’s processes such as making an offer, placing a bid, buying an NFT and creating and minting NFT, which involves the need of a transaction within the smart contract will be done through Wanderverse's NFT marketplace website that will be displayed in an in-app browser called by the Wanderverse mobile application.