Wander-Full Marketplace (Merchant Marketplace)

In Development
This feature is currently under development and is not yet available in Wanderverse's mobile application. Information displayed here act as a sneak peek and a brief introduction of what's coming into Wanderverse mobile application. Content within this section is not final and is subject to change.
Wanderverse is also planning to introduce another marketplace, where in this case tangible goods and products will be the item of exchange. We acknowledge this platform as our merchant marketplace, in which we would be offering Wanderverse usersr to sell and purchase tangible product through Wanderverse mobile application in exchange for the user's $WANDER token. User will not just be able to become a buyer and make purchase of their desired products within the marketplace, but user is also given the opportunity to become a seller, where user will be given the ability to advertise and sell his/her products.
Additional benefit that is to be embedded into $WANDER token is the ability to purchase some products within the merchant marketplace at a discounted price, without reducing the income to be earned by the seller/merchant. That being said, users should be on a lookout for special promotions, events and offerings to be provided from Wanderverse.
Wanderverse is also excited to be establishing partnership with exciting, well-known brands and giving them the opportunity to sell their products in Wanderverse's merchant marketplace. If you would like to apply a spot in our merchant marketplace, please feel free to contact us!