How Wanderverse works?

So how do you earn these $WANDERs?
Firstly, we have the Date2Earn
It is an online dating feature on Wanderverse, that allows users to swipe and match while earning cryptocurrency. We will be there to accompany you guys through your journey and every milestone you achieve.
Customer Journey and Relationship Milestones
​​​Not your cup of tea? Fear not! We have not just one but THREE ways for you to earn your $WANDER tokens!
Next up, we have the Friend2Earn
feature that allows users to swipe and network online while earning cryptocurrency. The Friend2Earn feature is powered by our effective friendship algorithm that suggests you compatible Wanderers who have similar interests, hobbies... etc.
Lastly, we have the Walk2Earn
feature which is a Web3 lifestyle, advertising and health feature that rewards users with fiat currency or our exclusive cryptocurrency token for every step that they walk.
There are currently 3 sub-features under Walk2Earn - Walk to Win, Walk for Charity and Walk Campaign.
  • Walk to Win: Walk To Win is a sub-feature of Walk2Earn that allows users to compete against one another to win attractive and limited prizes.
  • Walk for Charity: Walk For Charity is a sub-feature of Walk2Earn that allows users to give back to society just by walking. All steps will be tabulated into WANDER tokens and converted into donations for non-profit organizations that have partnered with us. Giving back to society has never been so easy!
  • Walk Campaign: Earn exclusive points as you walk wearing a sponsored T-Shirt, within an allocated zone and timeframe. It is all free and easy from here, be it shopping or taking a stroll downtown.