White paper version 1.0

Who are we?

We are a dedicated and experienced team with various fields of expertise from out-of-home advertisement (OOH), and software development to sales, marketing and economics. We believe that not all those who WANDERS are lost (Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien) and with WANDERVERSE, a Web3 network-building, advertising and fitness platform, it empowers individuals to connect in a community while earning cryptocurrency, $WANDER. The $WANDER token then can be used to purchase NFTs, products and services through our marketplaces.

Wanderverse's platform vision

  • Community Driven - Be part of an authentic community to gain potential lifelong connections
  • E-Commerce - Tokens earned can be used to purchase products, services, and NFTs on our platform
  • Health is Wealth - Keep fit and earn rewards by participating in our Walk2Earn Campaigns

Identified Key Opportunities

The advertising industry is now worth $1.2 trillion through different mediums such as mobile, content marketing, social platforms, and new digital platforms. A shift in buyers’ impression, advertising budget, reducing wastage and audience-based impressions and market dollar optimization are some of the problems traditional advertisers faced today.
We see this as an opportunity for our business as we offer a different concept of advertising that is unique and not done before. Wanderverse will bring Out-of-Home Advertising (OOH) to another level with a mixture of Digital Out-of-Home Advertising (DOOH).

Proposed Solution

A mobile phone advertising application (WANDERVERSE) designed for anyone and everyone who are looking to earn a passive income.
Anyone will be able to represent any brand just by donning the brand's T-shirt or a wearable billboard. These users (Wanderers) will then be walking around highly populated areas where there are high visibilities from the public during specific timings.
For example the Central Business District (CBD) of Singapore, where there are huge crowds in the morning, lunch and evening time. With many Wanderers walking about, it will be hard to miss them, much like seeing a huge group of football fans entering a stadium to cheer on their team. WANDERVERSE will turn OOH into mobile advertising that is not restricted by space, time, location or budget.
WANDERVERSE’s tools are developed in a way to ensure scalability is present that allows the inclusion of new upcoming features, to further benefit the users. WANDERVERSE is excited to introduce our very own utilization of a decentralized cryptocurrency, $WANDER as a means of monetary exchange within the platform. The addition of cryptocurrency into WANDERVERSE’s ecosystem opens up new opportunities to increase the engagement between WANDERVERSE mobile app users (Wanderers) and stakeholders via an exclusive NFT marketplace (WANDER World) and a digital marketplace (Wander-Full Marketplace) that sells tangible goods and services, that will be discussed in the next section.